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Bibles and Books

This Centre is dedicated to further the spread of the Living Word and is not commercially motivated or profit oriented. A huge selection of Church items is available along with a great selection of books stocked with every conceivable Christian title. Numerous Christian texts and Holy Bibles are stocked to fulfill every individual's need.
It is not merely a conventional book store, but also a reservoir of vast and varied subjects to educate, encourage, and enlighten the academic and also to empower Pastors, Preachers, Evangelists and Orators by equipping them with the Spiritual and Biblical arsenal.
HLC is not only a destination for books; instead it is a new dimension in the field of Evangelical and Theological Literature.
HLC has a global presence with Holy Bibles, theological books, posters, promise cards, etc. supplied from Hebron Literature Centre to various countries like South Africa, London, and Germany.