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Hebron Literature Centre was started with an ambition to spread the word of God throughout the nations. The building elevation, planning, structure, and interior designing were carried out by M/s Edi Builders (Parent Company) whose mission is to fulfill the Vision of God.
Hebron Literature Centre (HLC) was the result of a divine vision given to the Founder and President, Pastor Dr. K.B. Edison and his spouse Sis. Phebe Edison. It so happened one day when the Pastor was praying to God, he had a vision of Angels descending from Heaven stretching glowing torches in their hands.
The Angels landed on the earth and entered the slum houses nearby and distributed Holy Bibles; very soon the whole place was covered with brightness and the darkness vanished.
This Vision induced the Pastor to construct the Hebron Literature Centre with the design of a glowing torch as a symbol of bringing light to people's life through the " Word of God ", the Holy Bibles. Thus, Hebron Literature Centre was dedicated on 26th of January, 1999. It is ably headed by Sis. Phebe Edison and HLC plays an important role in Hebron Ministries.
Both Dr. Edison and Mrs. Phebe Edison are committed and God fearing Christians, who maintain very high principles without compromising on cardinal issues. Their long felt need and burden has at last been fulfilled by the Grace of God.